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The hockey curriculum is designed to teach the fundamentals of hockey skating and playing. In the four levels of HLTP, skaters will learn how to be more proficient and agile on the ice. Proper skating techniques for the game are the primary focus. Skaters will learn the basic hockey stance, stride, knee bend, use of edges and other necessary fundamentals to be successful in hockey practices and game situations.   


A. Fall on ice and stand up

B. Basic hockey stance forward

C. Basic hockey stance backwards

D. March forward 10 steps

E. Two-foot glide, dip and squat

F. Scooter pushes or t-push

G. Forward swizzles-6 in a row

H. Snowplow stop-stationary


A. Forward strides using 45-degree v-push

B. Scooter pushes and glide on one foot

C. Alternating forward c-cut on a straight line

D. Backward hustle to backward 2-foot glide holding for 4 seconds

E. Backward swizzles-6 in a row

F. Two-foot moving snowplow stop

G. Two-foot glide turn

H. Two-foot hop while moving


A. Forward c-cuts on a circle

B. Tight turn around a cone 

C. One-foot snowplow stop with hip swivel

D. Two-foot forward slalom

E. Forward stop and starts

F. Forward inside and outside edges on a circle

G. Backward v-stops

H. Lateral marching crossovers


A. Forward crossover glides; hold crossed feet 2 seconds

B. Forward crossovers

C. Alternating backward c-cuts

D. Backward c-cuts on a circle

E. Backward one-foot glide

F. Transition turn or j-turn

G. Pivot turn

H. Hockey stops