Freestyle Skating

Cost - $8.00 per session  (when available, half hour sessions $4.00, as notated by an asterik * on the schedule)

Freestyle Coupon Books are also available: $72.00 for 10 sessions.


Please contact our office for questions about Freestyle sessions.

Please be aware of the current Freestyle rules.

Schedule is subject to changes and cancellations:  Please check our website frequently or call us ahead of time for possible last minute changes or cancellations.  Changes may occur due to private events or partnership obligations.  It is not the responsibility of the staff at IceWorld to notify coaches or customers of changes in the schedule.

February Freestyle Schedule   (updated 2/6/17)

March Freestyle Schedule    (uploaded 2/14/17)

Idaho IceWorld Freestyle Session Description: Freestyle sessions are designed for figure skaters to practice their routines and advanced skills. Freestyle sessions are ideal for additional training time and private lessons for figure skaters.  Figure skaters are allowed to practice their freestyle programs with their music played over the sound system.

Idaho IceWorld Freestyle Rules:

1. Freestyle sessions are for those skaters who are practicing elements of ice skating.
2. All skaters must sign in and make payment prior to entering the ice for each individual session that you are skating on. You may not skate part way through consecutive sessions without paying for and signing in for each session. Please follow our Freestyle schedule appropriately.
3. The maximum number of skaters accepted during a Freestyle session is 24.  This includes coaches.
4. Courtesy - It is essential to respect the rights of other skaters and be constantly aware of who is around you.
5. Music- No parents playing music. Skaters put their music playing devices (or other personal item) in "line" and music is played on a first come-first serve basis. Skaters are not allowed to stop in the middle of their program and start again. After a skater's music is played, it may be put to the end of the line. The music will be played again only if time permits during the session that they have paid for. Coaches may "bump the line" and play their student's music if they are giving a lesson to that student. Coaches may not "bump the line" twice for the same student in the same ice time if other skaters wishing to hear their music have not yet had their music played. Additionally, requests by coaches will alternate with music that is already in line (ex. coach, skater, coach, skater, etc.)
6. Skating with headphones, ear buds or similar devices is not permitted.
7. If a person is skating their program, they receive first priority over the ice surface.
8. If a person is in a lesson they receive second priority over the ice surface.
9. Freestyle ice is for practice, not socialization. Please leave the ice surface if you wish to socialize or take a break.
10. Skaters must keep moving unless receiving instruction from a coach. If a skater falls, they must get up immediately, if able to do so. Do not sit on the ice.
11. Parents and spectators are not permitted in the player’s/penalty/scorekeeper’s box area.
12.Coaches may not teach more than two students at a time.  Freestyle ice times are not intended as a time for group lessons.
13. Group programs are not allowed during Freestyle sessions. A group consists of 3 or more skaters.
14. Hockey skates are not permitted on a Freestyle session.
15. Beverages must be kept in player's bench areas and not on the cap rail. Food is not permitted.
16. Skate at your own risk.  Selfie-sticks and any other props or accessories that may be considered dangerous are not allowed on the ice.

  • These rules are meant to keep you and everyone around you safe.
  • Please follow them so as not to lose your privileges as a skater.
  • All rules, policies and procedures are subject to change.
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