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These instructions are for all Idaho IceWorld Learn to Skate participants and any Boise Figure Skating Club participants up to, but not including, No-Test levels.

The 2017 Ice Show will be held on December 9 at Idaho IceWorld.  The show is a large-scale production involving spotlights and props.  It is a wonderful learning experience for skaters of all abilities and levels.  Everyone is encouraged to participate!

Checklist for Participants in the 2017 Ice Show:

  • Register for both Sept/Oct and Nov/Dec Learn to Skate sessions or be a member of the Boise Figure Skating Club up to, but not including, No-Test levels.
  • Register for the Ice Show online between August 25 – September 9, Noon. You will register for the level and day your skater is registered in the Sept/Oct Learn to Skate session.  Plan to stay on the same day for the Nov/Dec session, as choreography is set for each group size in Sept/Oct.  
  • Ice Show – Snowplow Sam 1-4 WED | Activity Code: 161110-01
  • Ice Show – Snowplow Sam 1-4 SAT | Activity Code: 161110-02
  • Ice Show – Basic 1-2 WED | Activity Code: 161110-03
  • Ice Show – Basic 1-2 SAT | Activity Code: 161110-04
  • Ice Show – Basic 3-4 WED | Activity Code: 161110-05
  • Ice Show – Basic 3-4 SAT | Activity Code: 161110-06
  • Ice Show – Basic 5-6 WED Activity Code: 161110-07
  • Ice Show – Basic 5-6 SAT Activity Code: 161110-08
  • Ice Show – Pre-Free Skate Activity Code: 161110-09
  • Ice Show – Free Skate 1-3 Activity Code: 161110-10
  • Ice Show – Free Skate 4-5 Activity Code: 161110-11
  • Ice Show – Adult & Teen Activity Code: 161110-12
  • Ice Show – Adaptive Skate Activity Code: 161110-13
  • Registration includes a question field verifying the gender and costume measurements of the skater and volunteer preferences required of each show family. We recommend that you print the Costume Measurement Worksheet first. Check your email address associated with your customer profile.  Skater’s name as it appears in the household account is how it will be printed in the Ice Show program unless otherwise communicated to Jackie Woodland via email request
  • Registration Troubleshooting. Customers can request password information sent to the email associated with your Boise Parks & Recreation account. Generally, the reset password is emailed within minutes of your request. If you continue to have trouble accessing the online registration for the Ice Show, please call Fort Boise Community Center for assistance at (208) 608-7680.
  • Pay Ice Show Registration Fee. All fees are payable by credit card during registration.  Ice Show Registration Fee includes ice time, show instruction and costume.  Tights and other accessories might be required for costumes and are not included in this fee.  You will be notified of these additions as soon as costumes are finalized. All Ice Show Fees are non-refundable.
    • Scholarship Recipients must register in person or call the Information Desk at Idaho IceWorld (208) 608-7716, Monday-Friday 9-5 p.m.  Have all measurements and volunteer preferences available prior to calling.  Only the $20 activity portion of the registration fee qualifies for scholarship assistance. Costume fee portion does not qualify for scholarship assistance.
  • Attend practices & Dress Rehearsals. To ensure the quality of the ice show numbers, skaters must attend practices and Dress Rehearsals. Refer to the calendar included in the Ice Show Information.  If your skater must miss any practice, please email Jackie Woodland ASAP at The Show Director has the right to remove any skater who is habitually absent and registration fees will not be refunded.
  • Skate in both performances. Participants are expected to skate in both performances on December 9 at 3:00 p.m. & 6:00 p.m.


Measuring for Costumes

Skater’s measurements are required at the time of registration.

  • We recommend that you print the Costume Measurement Worksheet to use before starting registration.
  • Please measure carefully according to the instructions on the worksheet.

Key Factors in Measuring

  • If your skater is still growing, remember it is almost three months before the show.
  • It is much easier to alter a costume that is too big than try to fix a costume that is too small.
  • We cannot return costumes for a different size. It takes 10-12 weeks to receive costumes.
  • Skaters are responsible for accurate measurements.
  • Costumes will be ordered according to the measurements you provide.
  • If you have questions about your measurements, please email Jackie Woodland at

Costume Fees are included as part of Ice Show Registration Fees.

  • Registration will not be complete and your costume will not be ordered without all measurements and volunteer preferences filled in on the registration form
  • Tights and other accessories may be required for some costumes. The cost for these items is not included in the registration fee.  You will be notified as to what kind of tights and/or accessories are required as soon as costume information is finalized by the Costume Mistress.

Costume Pick-up

  • Costume pick-up will take place during regular Learn to Skate class times after costumes arrive, usually early November. You will be notified via email as to when your skater’s costumes will be available for pick-up. 
  • Skaters are responsible for any costume size alterations that may be required.
  • Changes to the design of a costume will be made only at the direction of the Costume Mistress and Show Director.
  • All costumes and accessories must be worn as directed by the Costume Mistress and Show Director.


Costume Measurement Worksheet

The following information is available on the Costume Measurement Worksheet. We recommend that you print this worksheet to use before starting the registration process.

Download Costume Measurement Worksheet

Measuring for your costume

  • Use a cloth or plastic (flexible) measuring tape.
  • It is best if skater does not try to measure him or herself
  • The skater should be wearing a leotard, swimsuit or undergarments, not street clothes.
  • Girth measurements are usually the deciding factor when there are conflicting measurements.
  • Please remember skaters and/or parents are responsible for measuring accurately.
  • If you have questions, email Jackie Woodland at and wait for clarification prior to completing the form.

Chest: With arms relaxed down at sides, measure around the fullest part of the chest, keeping tape measure parallel to the floor.

Waist: Measure around the natural waistline, the narrowest part of the upper body (not over shirt or pants)

Hips: Measure around fullest part of the lower body, keeping tape straight and parallel to the floor.

Girth: Measure from the center of one shoulder, down the front through crotch and back to starting point.  This is the most important measurement in determining costume size.