Learn to Skate FAQs

  • I just signed up for the Skating School. What do I do the first day of my class?

    Arrive 15-20 minutes prior to your scheduled lesson time. Check in at the skate counter to get your rental skates.  Lace skates snugly from toe to ankle then cross the laces continue to the top of the skate leaving "ease" so the ankle can bend easily. Look for your instructor by the ice. They will have signs stating which class they are teaching.

  • What should I wear?

    Wear gloves! Not only does it keep your hands warm, it also prevents ice burn should you fall and scrap your hands across the ice. Wear socks which fit comfortably. Socks with lumps, holes, or oversized often cause blisters. We recommend a thinner sock. Comfortable jackets, wind-suits, snow-pants are all fine. You may want to layer your clothes so you do not get over-heated. Helmets: Bike helmets are great, just make sure they are rounded and not pointed in the back.

  • How do I know if I am progressing at the right level for my class?

    Your instructor will hand out progress reports on the 4th week of classes to let you know what you need to work on. Talk to your instructor to find out more information on your progress and what they recommend

  • I am unable to come to my class this week. Can I make it up?

    No, we do not schedule make-up classes.

  • When do I find out if I passed my class and can move up to the next level?

    On the 7th week of classes the Director of Figure skating will be testing the classes. Your instructor will give you a resign-up slip that indicates which level to sign up for.

  • Do I get a certificate for my class?

    Yes, all participants will get a certificate on the last day of class. If you passed you receive a badge for that class.

  • What is this last day of class party that I have heard about?

    On the last day of your class you may invite 5 friends to participate with you in your class for free. Make sure they sign in at the skate counter when they get their skates. The first fifteen minutes will be on skating instruction and then we will play games and have contests.

  • When is the best time to buy my own skates? Where do I get them and what kid should I buy?

    Once you have decided you really like skating and want to continue through the levels then its time to buy your skates. The Cutting Edge Pro shop has a great selection of skates at reasonable prices.  Ask your instructor which brand of skate they recommend for you.  As a rule a good quality skate is much better in the long run than a cheaply made skate.

  • My instructor says I need to practice. How much is enough?

    As with anything the more you practice the quicker you will master a skill.  A good rule is to come and practice at least one extra time a week other than you lesson.  More is better!

  • I see people taking private lessons. How do I do that and is it expensive?

    There are two ways to set-up a private lesson: You are welcome to come and observe a coach and approach them directly to arrange a lesson. Most of the coaches charge between $25 - $35 for a 30 minute lesson. Please note that this rate is for the coach's time only and does not include admission or skate rental. The other way is to contact the Boise Figure Skating Club, where information is listed about private coaches.

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