Figure Skating FAQs

  • What is a Freestyle session?

    This is for skaters who are at higher levels to practice their jumps, spins, programs, moves in the field, dance, and pair skating. These sessions are not for public skaters. Lessons are also given during these sessions.

  • What level do I need to be to skate on Freestyle?

    As a general rule most skaters are at least a Basic 4 or at the Pandas level. If you are in a lesson with an instructor this does not apply.

  • I have never been on a freestyle session, how do I sign up?

    Go to the skate rental counter and pay for the session. It is $8.00 for one hour. You must read the rules and sign in on the freestyle sheet. You may also buy a book of 10 freestyles sessions. The cost is $723.00. Then you would give your coupon to the cashier and still sign in.

  • How can I play my music on freestyle sessions?

    By the hockey boxes there is a CD player and digital music connection.

    No Parents playing music.  Skaters put their music playing devices (or other personal item) in "line"
    and music is played on a first come-first serve basis. Skaters are not allowed to stop in the middle of their program and start again. After a skater’s music is played, it may be put to the end of the line. The music will be played again
    only if time permits during the session that they have paid for.  Coaches may “bump the line” and play their
    student’s music if they are giving a lesson to that student.  Coaches may not “bump the line” for their students not in a lesson. A coach may not “bump the line” twice for the same student in the same ice time if other skaters wishing to hear their music have not yet had their music played. Additionally, requests by coaches will alternate with music that is already in line (ex. coach, skater, coach, skater, etc.)


  • People keep getting in my way when I do my program, who has the right of way?

    If a person is skating their program, they receive first priority over the ice surface.
    If a person is in a lesson they receive second priority over the ice surface.

  • What is a Lutz corner?

    Because of the nature of the Lutz jump, it is most commonly performed in the 10:00 and 4:00 corners of the rink. (The officials box is at 12:00) Strive to avoid long-term practice activities in these corners, and try to be aware of your surroundings when you are in them.

  • What if I am tired during a freestyle session or my friends are there, is it ok to stop skating?

    You are here to practice and that is what you should do. If you feel like talking to your friends or playing on the ice you should skate on the public ice. If you are tired go to the boards and rest. Refrain from standing around and visiting on the ice. This wastes expensive ice and presents an additional hazard for other skaters to avoid.

  • How can I tell which way a skater is going to go on a freestyle session?

    As you skate more, you'll get to the point where you'll recognize that a practice session has a certain "rhythm" to it. People tend to do pretty "expectable" or "predictable" things, and you can usually guess where somebody else is going.

  • What do I do if I fall down on a freestyle session?

    Get up quickly. Remember that the other skaters will have a much harder time seeing you when you are down low on the ice. While falling, remember to keep your fingers away from your blades. Learn to fall properly so that you can protect your head as much as possible.

  • If I make a hole in the ice or see a hole in the ice what should I do?

    You should try not to make any holes in the ice. If you do look for a slush bucket by the entrance to the ice. Take some slush and pack it in to the hole. If holes are not repaired with slush then the hole will remain even after the Zamboni resurfaces the ice. Holes can be dangerous since people may trip and fall.

  • I see people taking private lessons. How do I do that and is it expensive?

    There are two ways to set-up a private lesson: You are welcome to come and observe a coach and approach them directly to arrange a lesson. Most of the coaches charge between $25 - $35 for a 30 minute lesson. Please note that this rate is for the coach's time only and does not include admission or skate rental. The other way is to contact the Boise Figure Skating Club, where information is listed about private coaches.


  • My instructor says I need to practice. How much is enough?

    As with anything the more you practice the quicker you will master a skill. A good rule is to come and practice at least two extra times a week other than your lesson. More is better!

  • When is the best time to buy my own skates? Where do I get them and what kind should I buy?

    Once you have decided you really like skating and want to continue through the levels then its time to buy your skates. The Cutting Edge Pro shop has a great selection of skates at reasonable prices. Ask your instructor which brand of skate they recommend for you. As a rule a good quality skate is much better in the long run than a cheaply made skate.

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